As the national voice for volunteerism,

Volunteer Canada leads the advancement of volunteerism in strengthening society and improving quality of life in Canada by recognizing volunteer involvement as essential to building healthy, quality communities.

Working with its members and partners

Working with its members and partners in communities across Canada, Volunteer Canada develops and implements a wide range of research and public policy initiatives, as well as programs, which all relate to volunteerism and the voluntary sector.

For more than a decade

For more than a decade, Volunteer Canada has been working with businesses of all sizes across the country to help them develop, improve and justify their employee volunteer programs.

Joined forces with 21 national corporations

In 2005, Volunteer Canada joined forces with 21 national corporations to form the Canadian Corporate Council on Volunteering—a peer to peer group of leaders who promote the value and impact of employee volunteer programs.

Volunteer Canada along with Level studios has developed a video aimed at inspiring our country to say thank you to our 12.5 million volunteers across Canada.

The video entitled Volunteers: All Around You paints a picture of the diverse and unique landscape of volunteers across our country and their daily impact. From coaches to mentors, community service workers to change makers, volunteers are all around and their efforts are at the foundation of our communities.

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